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Citizen Initiatives

1. Black Spot Fixed and Maintained: 14 events 🚧

2. Garbage Bin: 10,996 events 🗑️

3. Street Audit: 682 events 🚦

Climate and Civic Data

1. Borewell: 10,869 events 💧

2. Rainfall: 95 events ☔️

3. Stubble Burning: 257,628 events 🔥

4. Tree Tracking: 1,769 events 🌳

5. Urban Flooding: 468 events 🌊

Public Institutions

1. Anganwadi Centre: 67,123 events 🏫

2. Public Park: 2,275 events 🌳️

Contributors of Local Data

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Stories of Positive Impact

Discover inspiring stories of change with Samaaj Data.

Empowering Communities through Sustainable Agriculture

Learn how a group of dedicated individuals transformed agricultural practices and improved livelihoods.

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1 thing you can do to save 9,00,000 litres of water in a year!

Have you ever thought about how you can save water during a drought by implementing just one strategy?

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To ensure clean and safe drinking water in Assam through community

Although Assam has abundant water resources, it faces an acute shortage of safe drinking water.

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Street Audit: Saving one street at a time

Visualizing civic and environmental issues to derive tech-driven solutions using local data and platforms to build...

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